Bass Gangsters - 1994 - Criminal Bass

1. Check The Flava (Ultimate Boom Infringement)
2. My Boomin' Is A Boomin' (Low Frequency Speaker Challenge)
3. People Get On The Floor (Quad Bootleg Version)
4. Bass Gangsters Party All Night Long! (Pirate Sub Sonic Mix)
5. You Gotta Give It Up (P-Funk Sampled Re-Mix)
6. You're Laughing At My Boom!!! (No Clearance Woofer Version)
7. Cruising In Miami (Car Audio Bass Version)
8. Here Comes The Boom!!! (Miami Bass Attack)
9. Here I Go-Party Live!!! (305 db Version)
10. Kick The Bass (Gansta Remix)
11. Check The Flava (Pop Radio Mix)

!BASS! - Pass: Criminal Bass

Fresh Kid Ice - 2004 - Freaky Chinese

1. Let Me See It - Fresh Kid Ice, Big Will, GroundhoggzDrill
2. Hypnotized - Bred, Drill, Fresh Kid Ice, Fish -N- Gritz
3. Swingin Hatchets - Fish -N- Gritz, ICP, Fresh Kid Ice
4. I'm Country - Fresh Kid Ice, Fish -N-Gritz, Big Face, Big Wish
5. Sex on South Beach - INEZ, Fresh Kid Ice
6. Legs Up - Fresh Kid Ice, Groundhoggz
7. Where U From - SSC, Fresh Kid Ice
8. Liquor Talking - Fresh Kid Ice, Groundhoggz
9. Make Ya Baby Daddy Madd - Groundhoggz, Fresh Kid Ice, Fish -N- Gritz
10. Tour Bus - Fish -N- Gritz, ICP, ABK, Fresh Kid Ice
11. Bloosh - Fresh Kid Ice, Drill
12. Let's Get Nasty - Anquette, Drill, Bred, Fish -N- Gritz, Fresh Kid Ice
13. Freaky Chinese - Fresh Kid Ice, Groundhoggz
14. Girls Wine - Seltza, Nemesis, Fresh Kid Ice
15. Come With Me - Fresh Kid Ice
16. Bad Man - Fresh Kid Ice, Nemesis, Seltza
17. Still Too Live - Seltza, Fresh Kid Ice

Fresh Kid Ice - 2001 - Still Nasty

01. Still Nasty (As I Wanna Be) (feat. Anquette)
02. Shake Junt Queen (feat. Split Personality)
03. We Like To Fuck
04. Gimmie The Pussy (feat. Split Personality)
05. I Wanna Dance Yall` (feat. Big Ed)
06. Suck The Dick (feat. Anquette & Big Ed)
07. Drop (Ya Draws)
08. All My Girls (Where U At) (feat. Anquette)
09. All My Niggas (Ride) (feat. Anquette & Big Ed)
10. Chinaman (In Ya Life)
11. Get-It - Get-It (feat. Anquette)
12. Miami Bass
13. All-Stars In Da House
14. Hating Ass Niggas
15. Get Laid - Get Fucked (feat. Big Ed)