Color Schemes

Tracks color map:
Red - this track have some crackles. Will be reup when we get "no crackle" version. Stay tuned.
Green - we found the same tracks without any errors and have update them.
Dark gray - this track is absent in this archive.
Brown - (piece of crap) this track does not correspond to the interests of our blog but it's in the archive.

If you found some crackles on a tracks you may notify us with that way:
Write about a problem with a same format:
1. DropDaBase blog post link
2. Full name of a track
3. Time point (h:mm:ss - elapsed time) where you get heard an errors
4. Send a message to any of our CONTACTS.

No matter if a one track will have multiple errors. You need to note us about only one crackle time point for one track. Just one error by one track.
Other thing. Please don't bother us if that was a minor crackles on a vinyl rip. It's normal for vinyl. But if that was a big jump crackle, who breaks a track, you may tell us about it.

If you have some tracks with no errors that we marked with red color please notify us about. We would be happy for any help.

Thanks to all people who help us.