Freestyle Project - 1998 - Free Styling

01. Get on da Floor [Extended Mix]
02. Rock your body [Extended Mix]
03. Music for my Soul [Extended Mix]
04. Electronic Love (feat. Envelope)[Extended Mix]
05. In my Dreams (feat. Pandera)[Freestyle Project Remix]
06. We've got the Power (feat. Pandera)[Freestyle Project Remix]
07. Check your Body (feat. Freak Style)[Radio Mix]
08. 2 The Beat (feat. Kickdown)[Radio Mix]
09. Brilliance (feat. DJ Crack)[Kickdown Electro Radio Remix]
10. Famous Freestyle Cuts (feat. Cutmaster)[Extended Mix]
11. Electric Boogie (feat. Freak Style)[Extended Mix]
12. Let's Dance (feat. Newtronic)[Extended Mix]

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