Power Supply - 1994 - More Bass More Boom More Bottom

01. Low Frequency Warning
02. My Bass Hits Harder
03. Bass Operator
04. Let The Bass Drop
05. My 5.0
06. Subwoofer System Test
07. More Bass, More Boom, More Bottom
08. Put Some Boom In It
09. When I Hear Bass
10. Pump The Bass Up
11. Can You Feel The Bass
12. Drop Bottom
13. Ya'll Ready For This
14. Put Your Weight Down On It
15. Freak'em Down
16. Monster Bass

!MORE BASS! - pass: More Bass More Boom More Bottom


  1. Replies
    1. I Know its too much to ask but do you happen to have the power supply album
      (Bass for the ground pounder) in wav or flac? :D