Dj Bass in Club Mix Part 1 2012

Play List
01.Lissette Melendez - Together Forever
02.Angelique - You Look So Fine
03.Angelina - Can't Say Goodbye
04.Remy - Another Lover (Soft Remix)
05.Free Maxx - the model
06.Sharyn Maceren - In Just One Night
07.Sharyn Maceren - Love Divine
08.Dr. Crazy - Sleeping (Freestyle Mix)
09.Abdulah - Your Love (Beatmix)
10.Alexia and Collage - I Want to Be with You Tonight
11.Corina - Summertime, summertime
12.Rockell - In A Dream
13.Lil Suzy - So I Cry
14.Angelina - Next To Me


Do you can check more sequences mixed in:

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