Bass 305 - 2005 - Anthology

01. The Science Of Sound (Low Frequency Audio Test)
02. Techno Bass (Eurobass Mix)
03. Pump Up The Bass (Sub Woofer Movement Version)
04. Bass Tranmission (Radar Radio Mix)
05. Flight 305 (Down Tempo Bass Mix)
06. Techno Soul Bass (Hip Hop Version)
07. Bass FX (Mega Low Mix)
08. Digital Bass (Ultra Car Mix)
09. Bass Muzik 305 (Berlin Bass Mix)
10. Sub Culture (Sonic Boom Mix)
11. Into The Future (Berlin Radio Interpretation)
12. Musik Of The Future (Sci Fi Bass Test)
13. Automated Digital Bass (Interactive Woofer Remix)
14. Pure Tone-Bass! (Low Frequency Audio Version)
15. Warning Signal To Compute Bass (Disk Drive Terrorism Mix)
16. Computer Bass (Rebel Science London Version)
17. B.A.S.E. Mission 305 (Air Raid Remix)
18. Man Likes The Sound Of Bass (Slow Euro Bass Dub)


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