Bass Syndicate - 1998 - The Best Of Bass Syndicate

01. Party Time Bass [Outlaw Science Mix]
02. Hypnotic Virtual Bass Reality (Slow Bass) [Ultimate Low Frequency Test]
03. Bass Fusion (Euroslow Bass) [Giant Steps Mix]
04. Silicon Bass [Sub Sonic Transducer SPL Test]
05. Cyberbass (Slow Bass) [Ultra Low Version]
06. Prelude to Sci-Fi Bass [Transducer Destruction]
07. DJ You Can Scratch [Turntable Massacre]
08. Brave New World [Progressive Post Modern Bass]
09. Scratchin' So Nice!!! [Vinyl Explosion]
10. Reaching Out [Fuse Annihilator]
11. Bass Syndicate Trance (Put the Needle on the Record)
12. Stereo Three Dimensional Test [Audio Experiment]
13. Bass Games [SFX Version]
14. Bass-Red Alert!!! [Emergency 12 Volt Attack]
15. Bass Epidemic [Euro Bass Remix]
16. Slow Sci-Fi Finale [Sliding Bass FX Number 305]

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