Half Pint - 1993 - Watch Me Grow

01. Boom -N- Hydraulics
02. At The Mall
03. One Leg Up
04. Watch Me Grow
05. Bass For Your Face
06. Some Will, Some Won't, Next!!!
07. Booties Droppin'
08. Daily Legenda
09. Better Than Me
10. School Daze
11. Lil Ole Me

!BASS! (ReUp) - pass: Watch Me Grow


  1. Hi, great bass! Can you re-up Half-Pint's Watch Me Grow please?

  2. Thank You friends for this and many other albums posted. I remember 'One Leg Up', the day my mother caught me watching the video clip for that song, I was grounded for a week.

    You need to understand I'm from Nicaragua and, to the eyes of my Mother, that video was porno! :)