The Dogs - 1990 - The Dogs

01. Intro
02. Where Is Disco Rick At
03. Lets Go, Lets Go
04. Fuck the President
05. Ten Little Niggers
06. Lick It
07. Take It Baby
08. Dog Call
09. Take It Off
10. Crack Rock
11. Who Gives a Fuck
12. Get Loose
13. Fuck You All

!THE DOGS! - pass: The Dogs


  1. Can you re-up The Dogs please?

  2. And thanks for this re-up too!

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  4. the dogs : music is the fact I traveling to this album here in Brazil thanks é musica de verdade eu to viajando nesse álbum aqui no brasil obrigado

  5. Although u guys, have the records on 192 kbps, they always sound better than a 320 kbps rip, from other places. This I know for a fact, because I have downloaded both, yer version and from other guys. This one sounds louder, clearer and with more booty bass.

    So I don't what the hell you guys are doing to the records but keep doing it, cuz it works wonders. Thanks for sharing.