Bass 305 - 1993 - Bass-The Future

01. Bass Preamble [Euro Slow Mix]
02. Into the Future - Bass! [Berlin Radio Interpretation]
03. Ultimate Bass Challenge [Mega Low Speaker Annihilation]
04. Party Slammin' Bass [Miami Club Mix]
05. Musik of the Future [Sci Fi Bass Test]
06. Automated Digital Bass [Interactive Woofer Remix]
07. Pure Tone - Bass! [Low Frequency Audio Version]
08. Let's Do Some Scratchin' [Mega Turntable Wheels of Steel Mix]
09. Warning Signal to Computer Bass [Disk Drive Terrorism Mix]
10. Computer Bass [Rebel Science London Version]
11. B.A.S.E. Mission 305 [Air Raid Remix]
12. Spin That Wheel! [Miami Bass Scratchin']
13. Man Likes the Sound of Bass [Slow Euro Bass Dub]
14. Bass Epilogue [The Communication Operation]

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