Soundstream - 1995 - Bass Cows From Hell!

01. Bass Cows From Hell
02. You Can't Make Me (Mac Daddy FYD)
03. Bass Cheeks
04. Butch Marcell
05. Don't Touch Thea (SPL Rocks)
06. If I Tell You, I'll Have To Kill You (w. DJ Mike Spinboy and Double H)
07. Donna, Are You There?
08. Spank The Monkey
09. Assume The Position (Soundstream Got Bass)
10. Bowling For Food Stamps
11. Englebert's Hair (Club Mix)
12. Spank The Monkey (Remix)

!BASS COWS! - Pass: Bass Cows From Hell


  1. any chance of a link update? thanks for all the amazing and organized and dedicated hard work you put into this it is a masterpiece........I NEED THIS ALBUM ARTWORK