Afro Rican - 1991 - Sex & Fun (ft. Justice And "Rah" Ming)

1 Turn You Out
2 It's Yo Thing
3 Come into My House [Club Mix]
4 Here It Is
5 You Got Me Hooked
6 Get Up
7 Let's Get Loose
8 Sex and Fun
9 Get Wild and Crazy
10 Bass Check
11 You Can't Get With This
12 Nothin' But the Boom
13 Old Schoolen
14 Come into My House [Street Version]

Afro Rican - 1989 - Against All Odds

01. Let it Go
02.This is How it Should Be Done
03.Go Rahming
05.Negative Force
06.Get with this
07. Kool
08.I Can Do that
09.Doggy Style
10. I'm So Smooth
11.Cutness Sake
12.The Bottom