DJ Magic Mike-Bass Is the Name of the Game-1990

1 The House of Magic
2 Lower the Dynamite
3 M&M's Gettin' Off [Remix]
4 Feel the Bass Again
5 Drop the Bass, Pt. 2
6 Magic and Isaam's Groove Brown
7 Just Get on Down and Rock
8 The Booty Dub
9 Yo! DJ Magic Mike
10 Give It to 'Em Brown
11 For the Easy Listeners
12 Rock the Funky Beat
13 Ain't Finished Yet

DJ Magic Mike And The Royal Posse - 1989

1 Magic Mike Cuts the Records
2 Cause It's Friday
3 Def and Direct
4 Come on Rock Freak [Remix]
5 Magician Bassing It Up
6 We're on a Mission
7 Drop the Bass
8 I Ain't Finished Yet!
9 M&M Getting Off Brown
10 Feel the Bass
11 Comin' on Strong
12 Breathing Bass
13 Come On Rock Freak [12 Remix]

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