08 January 2014

Dear Ms Stacey L. Taylor, we don't need Bass Mekanik product and all his stuff as well. Everybody knows that his work after 1995 have absolutely mediocre and uninteresting products. He is not interesting for us. We not interest in Sombrero's stuffs and Billy E. They doing only test sounds not the music.
Anyway thank you for calling our attention to this.

p.s. http://www.osjmedia.com/ made in Adobe flash? Are you serious? You haven't enough money to order presentable website for your office?

Their letter

Demand by Bass Mekanik Records and Plaid Sombrero Publishing arising from certain acts by, http://dropdabass.blogspot.com/, its principals, agents, assigns, and other individuals and corporations

Dear To Whom It May Concern:

Notice is being sent to you and http://dropdabass.blogspot.com to cease and desist any further exploitation via digital transmission of the copyrights owned or controlled by Bass Mekanik Records and Plaid Sombrero Publishing.  Below hereto please find a list of the copyrights and images, Bass Mekanik Records and Plaid Sombrero Publishing are aware that you and http://dropdabass.blogspot.com/, are illegally file-sharing and posting, via digital transmission, from http://dropdabass.blogspot.com.

Taylor Global Media, LLC is the authorized representative of Bass Mekanik Records and Plaid Sombrero Publishing and is making such demands on behalf of its clients.

My client demands that you and http://dropdabass.blogspot.com shall immediately take such affirmative acts as to cease and desist all activities concerning the file sharing and posting of trademarked and copyrighted images, via digital transmission, and of any master recordings or products owned and or controlled by Bass Mekanik Records and Plaid Sombrero Publishing.

Your continued exploitation and file sharing and posting of trademarked and copyrighted images, via digital transmission, of the master recordings or products owned and or controlled by Bass Mekanik Records and Plaid Sombrero Publishing is hereby unlicensed and as such will constitutes a willful infringement of Bass Mekanik Records and Plaid Sombrero Publishing’s rights in and to the master recordings and musical compositions embodied thereon, respectively, as provided for in applicable state, federal and international law.

If the master recordings and musical compositions embodied thereon are not immediately removed from http://dropdabass.blogspot.com and without waiving any of Bass Mekanik Records and Plaid Sombrero Publishing. rights or remedies in this matter, and specifically reserving all such rights and remedies, we shall proceed to pursue all available and appropriate legal and equitable remedies (including, but not limited to, reporting you to Google).

List of Titles and Accompanying Cover Artwork Images, Track Listing Text and Music Being Willfully Infringed Upon By http://dropdabass.blogspot.com that are owned and/or controlled by Bass Mekanik Records and/or Plaid Sombrero Publishing:

Bass Mekanik: Kontrol
Url: http://dropdabass.blogspot.com/2013/08/bass-mekanik-2012-kontrol.html  

Dj Billy E: Tuner Beats
URL: http://dropdabass.blogspot.com/search/label/DJ%20Billy%20E

Bass Mekanik Tone Pak: http://dropdabass.blogspot.com/2013/08/bass-mekanik-2008-tone-pak.html?utm_source=BP_recent  

Bass Launch: http://dropdabass.blogspot.com/2013/08/01.html?utm_source=BP_recent

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Stacey L. Taylor
Taylor Entertainment Group, Taylor Global Media, OSJ Media & Music Publishing, LLC
Office: 954-527-9105 Mobile: 954-592-3250
Email: Stacey@taylorentgroup.com
Alt Email: stacey@osjmedia.com
AOL IM: Taylorentgrp1
Web: www.taylorentgroup.com and www.osjmedia.com www.osjmusicpublishing.com

30 November 2013

VA - 2007 - Debonaire Allstars - The Classic Collection 1

01. Love & Lust - Love & Lust Bonus Beats (Vintage Mix)
02. Dynamix II - Bass Generator (Classic Mix)
03. Tricky D - Letters  (Retro Mix)
04. Rock & Fizz - Let's Do It (Vintage Mix)
05. Tricky D - Take It To The Max (Classic Mix)

!GET IT! - pass: The Classic Collection 1

VA - 2007 - Debonaire Allstars - The Classic Collection 2

01. Breezy Beat MC - Shake The Joint (Famous Original)
02. Tricky D - Take It To The Max Dub (Original)
03. Omega II - Sonic Boom Bonus Beats 89' (Original)
04. Rock & Fizz - And It's Bass (Original)
05. Dynamix II - Ignition (Original)

!GET IT! - pass: The Classic Collection 2

VA - 1996 - The Many Colours Of Pandisc - Sampler 1996

01. Count To Twenty - You Are The One (1995 Radio Version)
02. Count To Twenty - When You Love Someone (Dub)
03. Joy Society - White Horse (As Pure Kriztal Remix)
04. Amazonie - Ritmo De La Noche (Radio Mix)
05. Beat Dominator - 2,4,6,8 Feel The Bass (Rave Mix)
06. Debbie Deb - (There's A) Party Goin' On (Old Skool Mix)
07. Debbie Deb - I Wanna Dance (Radio Version)
08. DJ Laz - Jorney Into Bass (Radio Version)
09. DJ Laz - Miami El Negro (Radio Version)
10. Crazy L'Eggs - Happy & U Know It (Vocal Mix)
11. Bass Trible - Dance Like A Freak (London Mix)
12. MC Nas-D - Girlz Wit All Da Booty (Booty Mix)
13. Jammin' G - Ain't No Thang (Radio Mix)
14. Jammin' G - Comin' Off (Radio Version)
15. Splack Pack - Scrub Da Ground (Radio Version)
16. Splack Pack - Tip 4 The Strip (Radio Version)
17. Big Boy - Rock-N' (CD Mix)
18. The Finos - Your Man's A Dog In Heat (Clean Vocal)
19. Pup Pound - Hokey Pokey (Calvin's Best Mix)

pass: The Many Colours Of Pandisc - Sampler 1996

Debonaire - 2008 - The DJ Killer (Single Track)

01. Debonaire - The DJ Killer

!KILLER! - pass: The DJ Killer

Devine & D.O.C. Nasty - 2008 - From The Back & Rok Da Diskotek

01. From The Back (feat. Syren)
02. Rok Da Diskotek

!BACK FROM! - pass: From The Back & Rok Da Diskotek

RX Lord -N- DJ Fury - 1998 - The Legends Of Quad

01. Intro
02. Gigolo
03. Next Man's Ho
04. 976-Freak
05. Da' Bomb (Drag Mix)
06. Gigolo (1 Rock Remix)
07. Slump 4 Ya' Trunk
08. It's Time To Grind
09. Playin' 4 Keeps
10. Check It Out!
11. Da' Bomb
12. Quad (Here It Is...)
13. 30 Girlfriends
14. One Night Stand
15. Let's Pump That Bass
16. Full Moon Megamix
17. Pipin' Out
!GET IT! - pass: The Legends Of Quad

L'Trimm - 2008 - Cars That Go Boom - Greatest Hits (Digitally Remastered)

01. Cars That Go Boom
02. Grab It
03. Cuttie Pie
04. Sexy
05. We Can Rock The Beat
06. Low Rider
07. Drop That Bottom
08. Trouble In The House
09. Love Bug
10. Snap, Crackle, Pop
11. Get Loose
12. Grab It
13. Cars That Go Boom
14. Bust The Rhythm Of My ABC's
15. I Touched It
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DJ Kizzy Rock - 1999 - Grand Champion

01. Planet Rock (Featuring DJ Smurf)
02. Eastside Westside (Featuring Sammy Sam)
03. We Real (Featuring DJ Jelly & Ying Yang Twins)
04. Pop-N-Shake (Featuring Raheem The Dream)
05. Eat 'Em Up
06. Bring It!! (Featuring June & Shawty Black)
07. Bass Game KingPin (Featuring Shawty Black)
08. Plan A (Featuring Koffee & Shawty Black)
09. Trap Boyz
10. Flexin
11. Get 'Em Up
12. Don't Front (Featuring First Class)

!GET KIZZY! - pass: Grand Champion

DJ Magic Mike - 2005 - Def Beat Remixes Vol. 6

01. Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock (Magic Mike Remix)
02. DJ Infiniti and DJ Magic Mike - 2001
03. DJ Magic Mike - Give It All You Got
04. DJ Magic Mike - This Is For The Bass Heads
05. DJ Magic Mike - Feel The Subwoofer Base 2
06. ACDC - Back In Black (Magic Mike Remix)
07. M and MS - Getting Off (Magic Mike Remix)
08. DJ Magic Mike - Make The Car Go Boom
09. Andrea Parker - In Two Minds (Magic Mike Remix)
10. DJ Magic Mike - Drop That Base (Feat. Mc Madness)

!BASS! (ReUp) - pass: Def Beat Remixes Vol 06 - DJ Magic Mike

CC Lemonhead - 1993 - Bass To Another Level

1.To Another Level
2.Take It Off
3.Hurt Me Hurt Me
4.Cootchie Bass
5.3 Piece Dinner
6.Ridin Out
7.2, 4 the Bass
8.Mad Trickin
9.Let the Bass Go
10.Rock and Don't Stop
11.Give It Up
12.Lemon Drop

!BASS! (ReUp) - pass: Bass To Another Level

The Dogs - 1990 - The Dogs

01. Intro
02. Where Is Disco Rick At
03. Lets Go, Lets Go
04. Fuck the President
05. Ten Little Niggers
06. Lick It
07. Take It Baby
08. Dog Call
09. Take It Off
10. Crack Rock
11. Who Gives a Fuck
12. Get Loose
13. Fuck You All

!THE DOGS! (ReUp) - pass: The Dogs

10 November 2013

Bass 305 - 1994 - Virtual Bass

01. Introduction to Virtual Bass [Sub Transducer Mix]
02. Digital Dreams [Mid Tempo Digital Bass Version]
03. Rebel Science Prelude [20 Hertz Boom Experiment]
04. Rebel Science [Ultra Low Computer Mix]
05. Digital Turntables [Ultra Boom Experiment]
06. Mix Master [Digital Turntable Power Mix]
07. Bach 305 [Tribal Bass Mix]
08. 305 Has Landed [40 Hertz Woofer Exercise]
09. Does Life... Exist on This Planet [Berlin Radio Version]
10. Virtual Bass [Mega Sub Harmonic Mix]
11. 305 On-Line [Euro Bass Version]
12. Autobaun Route 305 [Ultimate Low Frequency Challenge]
13. Space Travel [Low Frequency Digital Mix]
14. Hip Hop Groove [Sample Symphonymovement 305]
15. Look Aggressively Towards the Future [Interactive Bass Test]
16. 305 Emergency Siren

!VIRTUAL BASS! - ReUp - pass: Bass 305 - 1994 - Virtual Bass

08 October 2013

ZMF - 1993 - Bass to the Future (Techno-B)

01. Teg 2 MF
02. Feel the Musik
03. Earth 2 People (R-1)
04. Home Computer
05. Dб Perfik Bass
06. Tone of Kancock
07. 16hz=100 Tons
08. Ultimate Vibrator
09. Bassgasm
10. Yo Check This Out
11. Ba-Sex-TC
12. Dem Hoez B' Quadin
13. Destination Man
14. The Rhythm of Luv

!ZMF! - pass: Bass to the Future (Techno-B)

Bass Invaders - 1993 - Lost In Bass

01. Lost In Bass (Three Dimensional Audio Test)
02. Bass Revolution (Techno French Version)
03. Bass-I Got It! (Miami Scratch Attack Radio Mix)
04. Welcome To The Future-Bass (Bass Lab Experiment)
05. Bass Invaders B.A.S.S (Mega Sub Mix)
06. Bass Attack (Scandinavian Sub Woofer Mix)
07. It's Time For Bass (Ultra Power Mix Dub)
08. Bass Will Conquer The World (German Tekno Bass Musik)
09. Hip Hop Bass (Sample Symphony Movement 48K)
10. Tune In-Turn On! (Hendrix Psychedelic Bass Version)
11. Sing It Now,Funky Music (Un-Edited Bass Vocal Version)
12. Outer Space Bass (Sonic Boom Woofer Challenge)
13. Virtual Bass Reality (SUBliminel messege Mix)

!BASS! - ReUp - pass: Lost In Bass

06 October 2013

VA - Boom N Bass - 1994 - Volume 2

01. MC Nas-D - It's My Cadillac (Got That Bass)
02. DJ Laz - Journey into Bass
03. MC Luscious - Skin to Win
04. DJ Wiz, Danny D - Who's Got the Drop
05. Boyz from the Bottom - My Girl's Got That Booty
06. FM - Pump That Booty
07. Teckno Master DL - Break Down
08. Bass Master Funk - Dance to the Bass
09. DJ Wiz, Danny D - Your Girlfriend's a Freak
10. Boyz from the Bottom - Let's Dance
11. Steve Tempo - Work Yo Money Maker
12. Digital D.J.'s - That's Boomin'

!BOOM -N- BASS! - pass: Boom N Bass

VA - Boom N Bass - 1993 - Volume 1

01. Danny D & D.J. Wiz - Shake It All Night
02. Teckno Master 'DL' - In The Music
03. Stylz & The J.I.Z. - Don't Stop Shakin'
04. Bass Master Funk - Hit 'Em With The Bass
05. MC Luscious - Boom! I Got Your Friend
06. Jealous J - Party Time
07. Danny D & D.J. Wiz - Keep Groovin'
08. Teckno Master DL - Breakdown
09. Stylz & The J.I.Z. - Give Me Some Bass
10. Bass Master Funk - Move Some Bass
11. MC Luscious - Pump It
12. Jealous J - Work That Body

!BOOM -N- BASS! - pass: Boom N Bass

DJ Taz - 1997 - ...Worldwide

01. That's Right
02. Yearnin'
03. Who's Laughin
04. Interlude [The Mack]
05. Move Your Rump!
06. Keep On Rockin', Ain't No Stopping
07. That's Right (Remix)
08. C.O.G. To The ATL
09. Chant 4 The Crowd
10. What Will You Do 4 The Money
11. Get With This
12. Crank It Up
13. Outro

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DJ Time Bomb - 2009 - Booty Bass Mix Tape Vol. 1

01. World Dance Mix
02. Nazty Dancer (Freaky Mix)
03. Boom Boom Boom
04. Can U Get Down Low
05. Do It Up
06. Da Dip (Original)
07. That Boom
08. Baby Tonight
09. Supa Hot (That Girl Mix)
10. Show Me Luv

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05 October 2013

Maggozulu Too - 1989 - Dawn Of The Maggozulu

01. Mix it Up
02. We've Come To Rock
03. Mixing In The Jungle
04. Next!
05. Alleycruiser Boom
06. Maggazulu Too - Mix It Baby
07. Dawn Of The Maggozulu
08. Urban Fantasy
09. For The Love Of You
10. Harvest For The World

!MAGGOZULU! - pass: Dawn Of The Maggozulu

Other side projects